Sales Maximisation Tip 1 - from the Sales Analyst

Sales Analyst Tip No. 1: The Golden Rule is - There are No Golden Rules!

A Golden Rule is something you always do or something you never do in response to some situation. Golden Rules are based on some previous positive experience which leads them to be enshrined for future use - forever!!!

For example, here are some very popular Golden Rules in Sales Forecasting and Sales Maximisation:
  • Sort out this year and next year will take care of itself
  • The BEST time to do lead generation is when you have shortage of prospects
  • It is always better to do something even if you dont know what you are doing
  • You should NEVER go back and try to sell to customers who left under a cloud.

The problem with Golden Rules is that they are usually wrong no matter how strong the gut feeling you have around them.

  • Is it better to focus on new customer generation or existing customer retention?
  • Is it better to work with your most active customers or the least active ones with the best potential?
  • Is it better to develop new business or retain existing business?

A good Sales Analyst understands that the answers depend totally on what the numbers say about your current sales process and NOT the sales process you were very successful with in your previous job!

To achieve Sales Maximisation you need a much more intelligent approach to Sales Forecasting than gut feelings!

Until next time
Ken Thompson
The Sales Analyst


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