DON'T Recruit a Sales Analyst!

The Sales Performance Optimizer sales maximisation tool was developed by expert Sales Analyst Ken Thompson - an expert in team performance and process improvement.

With this unique sales maximisation tool you will gain access to your own dedicated in-house Virtual Sales Analyst providing instant insight into sales maximisation opportunities which will allow you to:

  • MODEL your sales process using your own data to identify how well the process is performing against what it could do
  • ESTABLISH the best way to reconfigure your process for sales maximisation both immediately and over the longer term
  • IDENTIFY & PLAN a small number of key initiatives to rapidly implement your optimised sales process to deliver extra sales

The Sales Maximisation Process

The Sales Performance Optimizer is a detailed computer flow model of the complete sales process. You personalise this with your own Sales KPI and Pipeline values and then, following a systematic step-by-step methodology, run multiple "what-if" simulations over a full 12-month period to:

  • CONFIRM if your current sales process can deliver your sales forecast
  • REVEAL how much extra revenue is available and what to do to release it
  • DETERMINE the optimum changes to make to your sales process without adding extra staff
  • PRIORITISE which sales improvement initiatives are critical and which are not

During this process it is the ideal time to evaluate us as your Sales Maximisation partner to help you plan and manage the successful implementation of the key sales initiatives which will deliver your maximised sales results.

Customer Feedback

"The Sales Performance Optimizer helped us quickly identify and validate 3 big opportunities in our sales process that will have an impact of over £1M this financial year - its a must-have tool for maximising sales."

Mark Oppermann, Director of Sales,

Sales Maximisation: 8 Simple Steps